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Yarina Gurtner

"On stage and in life, I go for the entirety. I see myself first and foremost as an artisan in the world of theatre. My passion for language and communication guides my stagework. The most unique inspiration for me is the energy exuded by people of all ages in the process of learning and discovery. My approach while working on a character ist that of a child exploring, seeking her own personal expression, with all means available. Language can often be very limiting. That is exactly where my search begins."


Medea's Daughters

by Tunay Önder, Elif Bilici, Cecilia Kukua, Lilie Lin, Ines Miro, Ivana Nikolic

D: Corinne Eckenstein
role: hairdresser

Dschungel Wien, Theaterhaus für Junges Publikum, from Feb. 22

Dschungel Wien

The Seagull

by Anton Tschechow

D: Nemanja Petronje
role: Arkadina

since March 2020, Premiere postponed to 06.08.2020. Events in Feb. 2022 are cancelled due to the pandemic.

Deutsche Bühne Ungarn


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